Message from the President:

HOT! HOT! HOT! – And I don’t just mean the weather. We had a record crowd for the month of August despite the heat. On more than one occasion I saw what Florida Palmetto NAVHDA is all about; people helping each other and working together to get the results we are looking for in our dogs. I couldn’t be happier to witness this comradery and encourage everyone to dive in.

John Kaptena generously volunteered his time for the puppies and drag work which was above and beyond the call of duty, especially since he is awaiting the arrival of his own pup. Danny Mancini, one of our members, tried a blood track for the first time. The participation was phenomenal, a special thanks to all who came out.

The Auto Backer arrived and was tested by a couple of handlers. We will purchase more gear for it in the near future to complete the set.

 Another growing trend are the Saturday night cook outs at the clubhouse. Again, more participants than ever before. We had the special treat of Glen LaSorsa playing a “canjo” for everyone and he is promising something special at the fall test.

 On final note, if you didn’t get out to train this month you missed out on a lot of fun. Until next time, no excuses – get out and do your yard work; it is good for you and your dog.


President Bill Snyder

P.S. Earlier in the year red dogs and shorthairs were winning the attendance game but the month of August goes to the BEARDED dogs! – Just saying. Heres just a few, of course Otto and Zeus were present as well.


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A group went and shot clay pigeons in the heat of the day. We even had ladies shooting. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see all that shooters, but kudos’ to Sandi Lariviere who shot a series of 6 perfect hits!


The cookout keeps getting Better and Better , come join in the Fun





NAVHDA International Elections

This is an election year for NAVHDA International. Your choices are Ric Kildow who is a frequent Judge, former member, and speaks very highly of Palmetto NAVHDA.  For those of you in the Fall test, you will recall Ric Kildow was the Sr. Judge. The incumbent president, David Trahan is running for re-election.  This is your organization, so please carefully consider both candidates and make your vote count. Both of the candidates Bios will be printed in the VHD Magazine.


Come and Fuel the Inner Prey Drive!

The next training session will be Saturday September 10th-11th, We hope to see you there! further information is always available at