Welcome to FPC Test page. Thank you for wanting to test with us!



Upcoming test will resume on August 1st.


FPC typically receives many more applications for testing than the testing schedule allows. Applications will be accepted on a “first come” basis using the application acceptance schedule below. Once test testing slots are filled, further applications will be placed on a “wait-list.” Your test Entry Form must be complete/legible and fees paid before the application will be considered. 

The BOD has decided that in order to allow for members to test with limited test opportunities this year that there is limit to entries that had to be applied and will be one dog per entry level initially. If openings remain can add after Oct. 1st.


Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Please click here to obtain NAVHDA entry form.  Entry Form
  2. You must be a current member of NAVHDA at the time of application and on the test day
  3. All entries must include application/pedigree information from the NAVHDA website filled out correctly. NAVHDA will not accept illegible/incomplete applications; FPC will reject illegible/incomplete applications. 
  4. Go to the FPC store and pay for your entry. 
  5. Email your test Entry Form  to fpctestinfo@yahoo.com once you make payment.

NA test $150 FPC Members | NA test $200 Non-FPC members

UPT/UT $180 FPC Members | UPT/UT $225 Non-FPC members




Withdrawal/cancellation/refund policy:

If application accepted and scheduled for testing:

  • More than 30 days before test: refund all but $25
  • 30 days, or less, if the position can be filled: all but $50; if unable to fill: no refund
  • Unrefunded monies will not be applied to future tests


  • Full refund if not subsequently scheduled to test
    (if wait-listed you may withdraw your application at any time for a full refund. If a testing slot opens and you accept the slot the above refund policy applies)


Circumstances may arise affecting the ability for the chapter to conduct the entire or a portion of a test.  Appropriate water for UPT, UT and NA evaluations is one of those.  Prior to test day, the Chapter’s Executive Council will confirm the ability to successfully conduct water tests.  If the conditions are deemed inappropriate, those test formats will be cancelled, all test applicants will be notified and 100% of all test entry fees will be refunded.   No other circumstances will result in refunds to the participants.



Questions call Missy Bettis


Next Test: Nov. 6th & 7th

Accepting applications from all NAVHDA Members after Aug. 1st.

***Due to the number of entries and because we have to follow the algorithm for number of dogs each day according to the number of NA and UT entrants running order will not be established until test month.
We cannot guarantee the day you will run.


Upcoming test is now full.
We will continue to take entries for the waiting list.
Both NA and UT are full.