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Thank you for wanting to test with us!



Upcoming test is now full.
We will continue to take entries for the waiting list.
Both NA and UT are full.


Spring Test Dates

March  25-26


FPC typically receives many more applications for testing than the testing schedule allows. Applications are accepted on a “first come” basis using the application acceptance schedule. Once the testing slots are filled, any remaining applications will be placed on a “wait list”.


Your test Entry form must be completed with payment in full before the application will be considered. Please review our testing policies below for more details.



  • Test entries are first come first serve.
  • The membership will be notified via e-mail or similar means before tests are made available for sale. This notice must include the date when test slots will be made available for purchase.
  • Test slots need to be purchased for each individual test through the Chapter’s online store.
  • Test payments are due in full at the time of purchase.
  • Test registration forms will be completed and required during the purchase of a test slot via the online store.
  • Test entries are not considered complete until all required fields on the test registration form are completely filled out with accurate information.
  • No transfer of test slots between test dates by registered testers unless approved by the Test secretary. Transfers between test dates will be limited to medical reasons, availability, and/or consensus from another individual in the alternate test.
  • All changes to a completed test entry must be approved by the Test secretary. Changes may include but are not limited to change of test date, change of test level, change of dog, change of owner, change of handler, etc.
  • No changes to test entry will be made within two weeks of the first day of a test.
  • No third party selling of slots. Upon cancelation, test slots return to the Chapter for replacement.
  • An individual may only buy one test slot per dog per test level (NA, UPT, or UT) for each test weekend. An additional slot may be purchased beginning two weeks prior to the first day of the test weekend if the waitlist has been exhausted and extra test slots remain.



  • More than 30 days before test: refund all but $25. 

* 30 days, or less once position is filled: all but $50: if unable to fill: no refund. 

  • Waitlist full refund if not subsequently scheduled to test (if wait listed you may withdraw your application at any time for a full refund. If a testing slot opens and you accept the slot the above refund policy applies. 
  • Unfunded monies will not be applied to future tests.



  • Wait list slots must be purchased through the Chapter’s online store for each individual test, and are test-level specific
  • Wait list slots are first come first serve.
  • Wait list slots are test-level specific
  • Individuals on the wait list will move into the test as cancelations or openings occur, relative to the test level that opened (e.g., if a NA slot becomes available and the first individual on the NA wait list is a UT level dog and the third person on the wait list is a NA level dog, the NA level dog will be chosen in order to maintain maximum testing capacity per NAVHDA International testing guidelines.)


Test Running Order:

  • The test running order is determined by draw and will be conducted 3-4 days prior to the first day of a test, females in heat running last.  This order is subject to change at the discretion of the Judging team.


Test Location:

  • Test locations selected and approved by the board are tentative locations until all permissions and permits are secured.
  • Test locations may change based on permits and permissions; no refunds will be issued as aresult of a change in test location.



Questions, please email Amanda Gruhn