This is a suggested list of items for your new puppy and not mandatory, nor are they endorsed or supported  by Florida Palmetto NAVHDA. Generation after generation of FPC NAVHDA members have used these items or similar to train hundreds of puppies.  Your first training session you will see all of these items in use as well as many others.  All FPC NAVHDA members have little tricks of the trade you will notice as you venture down the path to the best trained hunting dog you have ever owned.  FPC NAVHDA is the best and only way to get the full potential out of your new puppy.  We look forward to seeing you at the next training session!


1) Check Cord, Mendota Pro Trainer Check Cord From The NAVHDA Sponsor Ugly Dog Hunting   Get it Here

2) Bumpers or Dummies Canvas or Rubber  Get it Here

3) Dog tie out with a Bundt Pan ( yes a bundt cake pan with a hole in the middle so your new puppy does not spill the  water bowl)  Get the Stake here.  Get the bundt pan at your local Walmart or mommas kitchen.


4) A game bag is an essential item to training your new puppy with live birds.  Get it Here

5) Your new puppy will go through collars quick, Sporting Dog Specialties has a growth collar package for your puppy , and you can even add a brass name tag.  Never put your new puppies name on the tag and make it easy for someone to keep.  Put the owners name and phone number only,  or you can even add “needs daily medication” so people do not have an urge to keep your dog.  Sporting Dog Specialties is a local sponsor for our Chapter and tell Bob you are with Florida Palmetto Navhda.   Make sure you follow the measuring guide for the correct size.


6) Leads come in many sizes and shapes, several members like the tie out lead so you have several options. Use it as a short lead by clipping both ends to collar, or quickly securing your pup to a tree or fence post while you get situated for your next training session. Contact Sporting Dog Specialties at 720-438-0300 and Bob will design you the perfect lead, and collar combo in any color your choose

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7) Tip up bird releases are great and an easy way to plant birds and keep them from flying or running off, while eliminating the noise of a mechanical launcher for starting puppies and young dogs. Make sure you grab some colored construction flag tape at your local hardware store so you know where you planted it. Get it here

8) The Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog Also known as the NAVHDA “GREEN BOOK, this invaluable book guides you in training your versatile hunting dog. Using a step-by-step process, clearly illustrated with excellent photographs, the authors begin with basic obedience training and lead you through to the finished product – a hunting companion that will find feather and fur game, point it, track it if crippled, and retrieve it from land or water to your hand.