This fund was established by the Members of Florida Palmetto NAVHDA, in recognition of the Snyder Family commitment and dedication to the Florida Palmetto Chapter of NAVHDA.  Bill Snyder and his family are dedicated enthusiasts for all things NAVHDA and training of versatile hunting dogs.  Bill’s motto is “Everyone gets a prize” and often encourages young and old to get outdoors and train, test, and enjoy time in the field with their family and dogs.  This scholarship will fund the cost of a young member chosen by the Board of FPC Navhda each year who wishes to attend a NAVHDA handler’s clinic or scores a Utility Prize 1 in a FPC NAVHDA test.  In the case of a Prize 1, the fund will then be dedicated to supplementing the cost of sending the young handler to the NAVHDA invitational.

The following are the guidelines established for young members to apply for the Bill Snyder Family Scholarship Fund:

  1. Applicants must be between the ages of 9 and 18 with parental approval and supervision.
  2. The letter of request should be written by the applicant. It should explain their experiences with dogs and why they want to participate in a handler’s clinic.  Examples would be: Do you have a dog currently or are you getting one? Do you hunt or plan on hunting when you can? Have you participated in a hunter’s safety course? Do you train your dog regularly? Do you want to run in a NAVHDA test or have you already? What is your favorite part of owning and training your dog?  What do you hope to gain from attending a handler’s clinic? Tell us what you enjoy about Florida Palmetto NAVHDA.
  3. A photo would be nice, but isn’t necessary.
  4. A note from someone in the FPC NAVHDA chapter (other than a family member) is a good addition too.

Please send your letter and responses to:  fpcnavhda@gmail.com

Recipients will be announced at the Annual Fall Dinner for the Upcoming Calendar Year Beginning 2018

Contribute to the Fund Here

Current Contributors to the Fund

Mara Fizdale
Mr. and Mrs. Ozzie Romero
Angie Johnson of Reece Kennels
Harold Lampert
Bill Snyder Jr
Mr and Mrs. Glenn Lasorsa
Rich and Kathy Cirincione
Marion & Bob Hancock & Wickes
Daniel Mancini
Phil Silver and Family
Bryan Irish and Family
Steve Dickinson and Family
Brett Sapp and Family
Chad Bumb and Family
Mr and Mrs Lawrence Bumb
Wade and Sandi Lariviere
Guillermo Sarria
Dallas Parsons
Stephen Mills
Maureen Roth