March pre-test (place orders now)

Join us at our next pretest training at GMHT March 2nd and 3rd! On March 2nd we will have a barbecue lunch with Billy’s famous smoked chicken, Baked Mac and Cheese, and Scallion Corn Bread with a drink. The Cost is $6, please prepay in the store if you are having lunch.  At 1pm we will take a brief break out from training for our annual meeting. We look forward to a great weekend and the last weekend to train before test weekend! Saturday night  for campers or anyone that wants to join we will be treated to quail gravy with rice and pheasant fingers,and whatever else Bill and Danelle can do to share some of the game that we have harvested.   Bring something  to share as usual if you attend.

Please order your birds today in our  store for pre-test weekend 


Bird Bags

While we do have a few chapter bird bags there is not enough to go around, there are several websites to order yourself a bird bag and this way you are guaranteed to have one available for you to pick up your birds. There are several  websites that sell bird bags, however  Please support our local chapter sponsor and purchase your bird bag from there.  Make sure in the notes you say Florida palmetto Navhda.

Test Weekend Menu ( we need your orders now)

All the volunteers are working hard at getting ready for the test.  Those of you who want meals for the test please go online and order your meals in advanced so we know how much food to bring and we do not have leftovers

Sat breakfast $5

Bacon, eggs, hash browns, biscuit and gravy fruit

Sat Lunch $10
Smoked chicken quarter and chicken thighs
Smokey bourbon sweet baked beans
Southern style potato salad
Sat Dinner $20
Sou Vide tri tip steak or chicken breast
Seared yellow squash and zucchini
Sweet corn on the cob
Dinner roll
Sun breakfast $5
Same as sat
Sun Lunch $10
Pulled pork sammies
Smokey bourbon sweet baked beans
Southern style potato salad

Upcoming Training Days March 16th and 17th  please order your birds for SSJ if you are attending:  

Live Quail SSJ Farms March 16-17 
Live Duck SSJ March 16-17

2019 training Dates

March 2/3 GMHT Pretest training day


March 16/17 SSJ

April 13/14 Treasure Coast

May 4/5 SSJ

June 8/9 Blackwater Creek Ranch Family Fun Event

July 13/14 GMHT


Sept 14/15 GMHT

Oct 5/6 Treasure Coast

Oct 26/27 PreTest weekend Location TBD

Nov 2/3 TEST WEEKEND Location TBD

Dec 14/15 Treasure Coast  Snake Clinic



Visit: for more information