Fellow FPC Members,

Volunteers Needed, Wanted and Appreciated!
On Saturday, July 23rd, you will have the opportunity to help your dog and all current and future Chapter dogs be part of the team that creates our new, long lasting duck pond at QHF.

We will be tasked with finding plants for new pond cover in the swamp, and relocating them to our shiny new duck pond. But, not just any plants, we will be coached by our own member, Apprentice Judge and State Biologist, Bob Gorecki!

We will start at 7am. You can stay as long as you want, or even an hour or two will be most appreciated. Bring plenty for water to drink as it is now hot these days and your shovel!

This is a huge step for our chapter, building a lasting asset that will be very important to advancing our dogs in the NAVHDA system and have a working pond for duck retrieves and all fun exercises relating to water searches, retrieves and even some good old fashioned swimming and playing with their fellow dogs!

Please send us an email if you are able to us@ fpcnavhda@gmail.com.

Look forward to see you!

Hunt ‘em up!

Melody, Adam, Jim, Missy and Jimmy