Hello NAVHDA family,


Hope 2020 is going well for you all. Can you believe January has already flown by and we are into February! Our Chapter is fortunate to have had 2 great weekend opportunities this year so far! One regular training weekend at QHF and a special added seminar with Judge Tom Swezey.

Thank you for being such a supportive chapter because it is you that makes it all happen! We are very fortunate to have the number of events we have as we do have more than some chapters.  Our last test the judges complimented our hard working members and they all said they would return.

It is an honor for outsiders to note our valuable chapter too. Last month we had a visitor from NY Chapter that trained with us at QHF and complemented us and specifically to Justin and Wayne for their assistance with training with him. Thank you that is why we are here is to help all of us and our dogs become top hunting partners with impeccable field manners.

Our next training event is Feb 8/9 @ SSJ 28163 Doggone Trail, Hilliard, FL 32046.  Please join us at this pristine training grounds. Birds are on sale in the store. We must pre-order birds please purchase online and indicate which day you’ll be using them. We will not provide cash purchases only online purchases thru the store.


Two housekeeping issues:

Several have contacted various BOD members that they have purchased tee shirts online. Currently, we do not have tee shirt orders online. There is a page out there, but it is not linked to our current store and not sure where it is linked to. Everything we can purchase via the store is listed on our current store thru our website or link embedded on our newsletter.

Second make sure that you check your international membership due yearly that it is up to date. Everyone has to belong to international as that is where our liability insurance is from.


Thank you everyone! Let me know if you are volunteering at the spring test if you have not already. (threegspsrgr8@hotmail.com).


See you in the fields!