To All FPC Members and Guests:
Hopefully each handler has put forth effort towards yard work and obedience in the absence of field work over the last month.
The training days will continue to be structured with 3 groups: 1) puppies to 16 months 2)UPT/UT water 3)UPT/UT field. Within each group depending on the size you will split up into sub groups i.e. tracking, table work, water.   Within the  group all handlers are expected to stake your dog and lend a hand: 1) All handlers can benefit by listening and watching other dogs work; 2) each handler should get more quality training for your pup and more reps; 3)  We will also be exposing your pup to additional handlers to simulate a test situation.
Opening meeting minutes will start promptly @ 7:30. Everyone please use the clean out pen for your pup prior to start of the day. It also creates a good social time for all dogs. Field work to start at 8a.m. Handlers please come with some idea with what you need help with. NO LIVE GUN FIRE other than field work on guidance of Don will be allowed. Launchers and foot traps will be available to borrow. Dead game should be available for drags. 15 extra pheasant have been purchased for this weekend for a special training Rate of $16.   All birds/game for the morning session will be sold ONLY from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. Please remember your bird bags as we only have a limited supply to lend out.
We will have lunch available at 12:00 to include hotdog, chips, cookies, and soda/water for $4.
FPC Board

2018 training Dates

March.      3-4. Mock test
                10-11  TEST
April.      14-15
May.          5-6
June.        9-10
July.          14-15
August.    11-12
Sept.          8-9
Oct.            13-14
                  27-28 Mock Test
Nov.            10-11  TEST
Dec.              8-9



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