Hello Palmetto Chapter!

Hello FPC members,Those of you that have notified Amanda, our test secretary that you will be participating in the mock test this weekend please go to our sight and order your package accordingly by Thursday noon. If you decided you want to participate in the mock test and have not let Amanda please notify her quickly. Saturday will be the NA mock test and Sunday the UT/UPT.

Saturday if you wish to train in the puppy field you are welcome while we are offering the mock test in separate field.

Ordering of separate birds will need to completed by Thursday noon. We will not
Take orders after that.We have all been experiencing inflation and is now reaching our Chapter. We have seen a large increase in the cost of all the birds we use for training and tests.

It has been all the usual reasons from suppliers, with gas and feed prices leading the way. We are doing our best to minimize the costs by purchasing with known, reliable suppliers. Over the next few months, you will see the increase costs in birds on our store website. Please make sure you set out your training goals ahead of the weekend, and order birds accordingly. Sometimes you can pair up with other members and take advantage of working together on birds. Especially if you are training with a live pheasant, that pheasant can be utilized for Several tracks. If you are interested in this, drop us a line and we can put out a general notice to anyone interested in pairing up – fpcnavhda@gmail.com.

Thank you for understanding.

Hunt Em’ Up