TO FPC MEMBERS and Snake Avoidance Clinic Participants:

The Snake Clinic and training has been moved to Treasure Coast Hunt Club For December 8th and 9th.  Treasure coast is a 3600 acre Quail Hunting Preserve and Bird Dog Training Facility.   Below is more information, this was also updated on Facebook and our website. 

Registration is now Closed, should you have any questions please email

David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers and Florida Palmetto NAVHDA Present:

Snake Avoidance Clinic,  December 8th, 2018

Florida Palmetto Navhda has partnered with World Famous Licensed Venomous Snake Handler David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers for our new and improved Snake Clinic. David will be providing and handling several native snakes which will be contained in a safe environment and placed in normal hunting situations in the field. The snakes will be moved so each handler and dog will have new scent.   We will also be adding the element of verbal command, which in a real life situation a handler would obviously react to a snake verbally as a natural reaction.  As handlers we all know our dogs react to our emotions and this is an important element to the new training.  Snake Avoidance training is designed to protect the Dog and the Handler as our Intelligent K-9 Friends will alert us of a snakes presence as there powerful noses  possess up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses, compared to about six million in the human nose.  David will also educate us on Snakes and the distinct smell, characteristics and habitat of each type of Snake in natural environments.  

Who Should Attend:

Anyone, this is not just for member bird dogs! This Training session is open to any dogs who could benefit , Hog dogs, Deer Dogs, waterfowl Retrievers, cattle dogs, Herders, or even your home companion.

 NOTICE:   Location Change: Treasure Coast Hunt Club, 8725-9999 SW Martin Hwy, Palm City, FL 34990. Click for a map.  From Interstate 95 it is approximately 9/10 of a Mile east, From the Florida’s Turnpike it is approximately 4.3 Miles west.  Entrance to Clinic will be Clearly Marked at the Gate.


From the Florida’s Turnpike it is approximately 4.3 Miles west         From Interstate 95 it is approximately 9/10 of a Mile east.   

Time: 9:00 Check In

Registration Deadline: Friday November 23rd

Conducted By: World Famous Snake handler David Weathers in conjunction with FPC NAVHDA


$50.00 per new dog
$35.00 per dog Returning for Refresher

Payment online

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