Hello Palmetto Chapter!


Looking Forward to training this weekend and running thru the mock test with test participants. Our fall test is Nov 13-15 and it will be a busy weekend as the test is full and has the most utility dogs testing then we have had in a long time! Everyone is working hard with their dogs for the great end result!

We are launching a fundraising event for an enclosed equipment trailer. This trailer will house all of our training equipment in one area and allow us to take it to all the places we train. This allows to always have the training equipment at hand.  Test weekend we will have a Saturday night prime rib dinner, we have raffle items, auction donations and don’t miss out on the raffle for a 28 gauge shot gun! The shot gun will be drawn when 100 tickets are sold. Come join us for the fun!

The store will be open to purchase test weekend meals, please purchase the day and the meal so we can get a proper head count.

Look forward to a great test weekend!