Hello Palmetto Chapter!

We are getting closer to fall for both our fall test and hunting season! Come bring your dog to FPC training this weekend to work on getting your dog ready for the upcoming season!

Training is at QHF this weekend. Please go online and order your birds by Thursday, it is the off season for birds so we need to know numbers ahead of time. Don’t forget to purchase your birds for the day you will be there, ie: purchase Saturday Quail if you are coming Saturday.

If you are having a challenge with a particular task with your dog please reach out to other members while training to get some help to correct prior to this fall! This is the time to work on it. Also, if you have not already go to international NAVHDA website and order your NAVHDA green book, this is the book is about the building blocks we use to train our dogs to be the finished dogs we strive for. It is important to work on the beginning building blocks to get the finished product.

Looking forward to training this weekend! Don’t forget it is wet! Bring your boots!

Don’t forget to orders your birds!