December 9th Snake Clinic / Dec 10th Training

Welcome to Florida Palmetto NAVHDA  snake avoidance clinic and training. TO ALL HANDLERS – it is important to arrive 45 minutes early to air out your dog prior to entering the field for snake avoidance. A clean out pen will be provided (we are attempting to avoid the dog urinating and leaving unnecessary scent in the field). All dogs must be on lead when in the gallery.   The club will provide the e-collars and check cord to be used on your dog.  The trainers at each station will instruct the handlers on the process, the handler will  play a role and react when the dog encounters the snake as well. Again the trainer will advise you of your role prior to you starting the avoidance.  If you chose to not handle your dog during the avoidance, we will supply a handler for you however participation is highly recommended because your dog will react to you as a handler .  We have made arrangements for your dog to be exposed to 2 different types of snakes which could be in different locations on the field. That being said, we hope this never has to be put to the test in a real scenario. 

As for FPC NAVHDA, we give our members the chance to train 12-14 times a year/weekend. We hold sanctioned NAVHDA tests twice a year. For those who don’t know, the NAVHDA program never competes dogs against each other; it is based on a standard. Normally each month we focus on a training subject that helps a handler achieve a finished gun dog. The lessons that a dog can learn will  help the dog compete in any other dog games as well. We create an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your Dog, work the Dogs mind and fitness and give them a sense of purpose.  We generally have quail, pheasant, and duck available each month upon request. The club also comes together to cookout in the evening on that given weekend and have known to shoot clays in the afternoons while dogs rest. The FPC NAVHDA  board believes that what we have to offer is not matched anywhere else in the state. Consider spending a weekend with us for some good dog work, good fellowship, and just a great time. 

Below is a Schedule for the Snake Clinic for all Dogs on December 9th .  There will be lunch available for a small fee.   December 10th  will be a regular Training Day without Snakes   Non Members are welcome to train for a use fee of $20 and the price of birds.  There are two groups of Snakes and Handlers if you are not in Group 1 you are in Group 2  Please be ready for your time slot if you have multiple dogs and need assistance with holding a dog we will have handlers available.   If you have a Dog in Heat Please email in advance so we can adjust the schedule.

Snake Clinic Schedule
Name Time scheduled Snake handler 1
Mara Fizdale 9:00
Kristina Evers-Hays 9:10
Paul Hermes 9:20
Mara Fizdale 9:30
Steve Carrpenter 9:40
Paul Hermes 9:50
Mara Fizdale 10:00
Scott Lindars 10:10
Paul Hermes 10:20
Mara Fizdale 10:30
Karen Miller 10:40
Paul Hermes 10:50
Catherine Brooks 11:00
Karen Miller 11:10
Linda Busch 11:20
Marcia Schlesinger 11:30
Karen Miller 11:40
Linda Busch 11:50
Marcia Schlesinger 12:00
Kathy Bass 1:00
Linda Busch 1:10
Judy DiVincenzo 1:20
Kathleen Doyle 1:30
Mark Davis 1:40
Pamela Stuart 1:50
Amy Matt 2:20
Denise Smith 2:30
Debby Aloi 2:40
Bennett LoBalbo 2:50
John Spiess 3:00
Kurt Harclerode 3:10
Martin Andreansky 3:20
joni morrison 3:30
Shawn Ceranic 3:40
Bill Snyder 3:50
Carrie Morris 4:00
Bill Snyder 4:10
Shawn Ceranic 4:15
Name Time scheduled Snake handler2
Chip Watson 9:00
Taylor Davenport 9:10
Kathy Masters 9:20
Kristen Sullivan 9:30
Lisa Kenny 9:40
Kathy Masters 9:50
Miriam Pearl 10:00
Lisa Kenny 10:10
Salvatore Dickinson 10:20
Carla Richards 10:30
Bryan Irish 10:40
Salvatore Dickinson 10:50
John Ingram 11:00
David Chasmar 11:10
Salvatore Dickinson 11:20
John Ingram 11:30
David Chasmar 11:40
Richard Bates 11:50
Stacey Perez 12:00
David Chasmar 1:00
Bret Sapp 1:10
Stacey Perez 1:20
Ozzie Romero 1:30
Daniel Neger 1:40
Allyn Harper 1:50
Ozzie Romero 2:00
Daniel Neger 2:10
Mary E Dodson 2:20
Richard Baron 2:30
Evan England 2:40
Jeffrey Grene 2:50
Steven Dickinson 3:00
Chad Bumb 3:10
Steven Dickinson 3:20
Gretchen Ballman 3:30
Lewis Hall 3:40
Jim Sheffner 3:50
Jim Sheffner 4:00



Bill Snyder – President , and the Board of FPC NAVHDA