Hello Palmetto Chapter,


Hope you are enjoying 2021! I have been receiving lots of great hunting reports, and photos along with new puppy pictures and progress reports. Keep sending! Very exciting for the great hunting and training success this chapter has!

Last training was a beautiful cool day making training exceptional! We also had a treat by 2 of our members that are falconers. Ray Carr and Jeremy Nall provided our chapter with a great demonstration of their red tailed hawk and merlin falcon. We look forward to seeing their finished pups coordinating the hunt together! Thank you Jeremy and Ray!

Training for Watermelon Pond Plantation is fast approaching! Feb 13 is fast approaching!

Campers you can arrive any time after 3pm on Friday the 12th, this is primitive camping –no hook ups.

We will be ready 730am Saturday to train. Please order your birds by 2/5/21 by going to the store and ordering as they are brought to the site the day of training. Let us know if you have any questions and let us know what you want to work on with your dog this training session.

The Spring Test is now accepting entries for the waiting list, yes it is full! We look forward to seeing all your pups test this spring! If anyone is interested in helping on test day please let me know.


Have a great day everyone!

Hunt ‘em up everyone!