I am Happy to announce we have successfully moved from Pay Pal to Square for our electronic payments. This will make it easier for our new treasurer Gaylon along with it provides us with analytics for tracking that will help us as a chapter monitor or transactions easier. 

This being said we are now opening to accept test applications from Chapter members. Please go to our website and Missy will need to receive both the dog’s application and payments from the store. We are only accepting applications from active chapter members now until July 1st. After July 1st we will begin accepting applications for non FPC members.  International has requested we place a priority to puppies aging out, so although it is a first come first serve, we need to honor the decision to help those that have puppies that need run due to the low number of tests being performed this year due to the pandemic.  We will follow international’s guidelines. We will not be establishing running order until October, we have to follow internationals algorithm on number of dogs that can run each day according to the test they are running, along with assisting puppies that are aging.  The algorithm is on their website.

Knowing we will have a higher number of applicants then usual we have added a third day of testing this fall. Please keep in mind this is to assist in trying to meet the needs of all those that need to test, all tests require volunteers to be successful, adding a day will require volunteers to have a successful test weekend. Please consider letting us know you can help and in what way.

We are excited Florida as a state is opening up so we too can resume chapter events. Please note the new calendar posted.  We will follow Florida’s guidelines but we are anticipating that we will be able to have the events now listed.  Note if the state changes gathering guidelines that will affect our events. International NAVHDA opens sanctioned events after June 30th, 2020, but has allowed us to begin training before hand as long as we follow the state’s regulations. 

Thank you all, I am sure we are all ready to hit the fields! It has been a long 3 months!


Melody Sweet

FPC President