Hello NAVHDA Family!

We are just a few days to finally having our 1st training weekend since the shut down! We are fortunate as some other Chapters have had to wait until July! We want to thank international for allowing us to follow state guidelines vs after June 30th which is when international is allowing sanctioned events to start back up. Please make sure your international dues are paid up to date as that is where our insurance comes from. If you are visiting our Chapter, this weekend as a non-member we have to have a liability waiver filled out and signed. We apologize we have to do this right up front up front but it is required.

International reminds us we have to follow state recommendations, which is to continue CDC guidelines in regards to your safety. It is not required to wear a mask at training while keeping social distancing in mind. If you do choose to wear a mask, I just want you to be cautious when you go to interact with the dogs because dogs read our facial expressions, some dogs will get nervous with a covered face and may react differently than its normal disposition. Masks are not normal for most dogs and realize their reactions will greatly vary.

Please order your birds by Friday noon. Please note that your purchased birds will be distributed right after our morning meeting and again at 12:00 noon. There will be no one to get quail at alternate times. Please bring your bird bag, we do have a few to lend out for those that do not have one so you can receive your purchased birds at the distributed times, but we are limited in how many we have. We are having 2 distribution times for a few reasons. One is to make sure you get the birds you purchased which is foremost. Second being we are a volunteer organization; we want all to have equal field opportunities; to achieve this we need to have distribution times. Third we will also be receiving our ordered birds from our venues 2 times per day.

We will be in the “A” field and parking by the tower. We will be starting at 7:00 am with our safety meeting then heading to the field and training table to train. Remember that safety orange is required, either a hat or tee shirt. Make sure when you stake your dogs they have plenty of water as it will be hot! Also make sure you carry some to the field with you so you can water your dog there. We have many “core” members along with several new members so this will be a fun weekend seeing our “old” friends and welcoming new ones! Please if you are new ask questions! We are all here to help one another with the success of training your gun dog! Contact us with any questions prior to this weekend too!


Let’s Hunt ‘em up!

See you Saturday!