Hi NAVHDA Family!

This is Last Call for Quail at Quail Hunting Florida

On Saturday July 20th we will be training at the New Quail Hunting Florida (Formerly Treasure Coast Hunt Club). QHF has reserved 75 quail for members to purchase, they have cleaned out the camp and we will be able to park and stake dogs in the shade under the tree Hammock. Water tanks will be available  for the dogs to Cool off , two sets of Launchers  for use with birds.   Training will be from 6 am until noon.  Please order Quail in the store

At 12 noon QHF will have a ground breaking and complimentary lunch for Navhda members to commemorate Retriever Lake, a 300 X 500 shallow lake designed with obstacles and Islands for Duck search and retriever work.   Deep enough for Dogs to swim, obstacles to maximize search times, and gradual entries for puppies.

Enter QHF from the East Gate and follow the lane back to the Camp , Please close the gate after your enter. The link below will take you to the gate.





See you all at training!


Melody Sweet



Visit: www.floridapalmettonavhda.org for more information