Hi Palmetto chapter family!

Training is this weekend at GMHT Saturday and Sunday.  It’s hot folks so we will begin at 7am and most likely be done 11-12ish for field work.  Bring plenty of water for you and your pups.

Please upon arrival take your dog to the turn out pen and let them “air” and potty. We will need you to sign in at the tower prior to starting if you are not an international member we need you to sign a waiver bc our insurance comes from international. Wearing something orange is mandatory (hat or tee shirt).

Please preorder your quail or ducks in the chapter’s store.

We will be training in field “A”.

Any questions please feel free to contact us and will do our best to answer!

Melody Sweet
Florida Palmetto Chapter









Visit: www.floridapalmettonavhda.org for more information