Hi NAVHDA family!

September has been a busy month for us! We have 9 new Range Safety officers from our RSO course on  Sept 7th. Congratulations to: Mike Brooker, Adam Blair, Jimmie Nelson, Aaron Zwiefel, Melody Sweet, Scott Heath, Chris White, Hyram Joahnson and Darren Galus.  A huge thank you to Matt Rector for organizing and providing the venue. Matt, we appreciate you hosting us!

We had great September training weekend at GMHT with a lot of new puppies, welcome to all the new puppy owners, it is exciting to watch their journey begin!

Order quail now for this weekend’s training at QHF! Availabe here in the  the FPC NAvhda store. At the QHF Main Camp they have added restrooms, showers, and electric, currently they have four spots for RV with 110 Electric, and several spots for tents and self contained RV’s. Reservations can be made in the store. Training will begin at 7am. Enjoy the beginning of a little cooler weather this weekend. Remember wearing ORANGE is a must! We cannot allow anyone out in the fields without ORANGE. Also we need you have your international membership up to date as that is wear our insurance comes from. We all never expect an incident to occur but we have to always prepare for one.

Feel free to emails us any questions concerning any of the trainings this month.

Email me if you are looking to help volunteer at our sanctioned test Nov 2/3.

Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone this weekend! Remember ORANGE!

Exceptionally yours,

Melody Sweet