Happy October everyone!
Hope everyone is enjoying a little cooler weather and enjoying some hunting! As I write I am returning from Grouse hunting in Maine, nothing better then being out in the crisp air watching your dog work and the sight of those birds!
We had an awesome training weekend at the  beginning of the month at QHF and it is already time  to train again this weekend! It is pre-test weekend and we will have Quail, duck and pheasant for sale in the store. Even if you are not testing Nov 2&3 all members are welcome. Training is at GMHT on Field C in the back Right corner of the property and begins 7:30am. For newcomers go to our website for directions.
Please remember everyone on the field has to wear orange including observers. Another housekeeping matter is bring your dead game out of the field or water with you don’t leave it there.
Looking forward to seeing everyone prepare there dog for upcoming tests. Good luck everyone and if you are challenged with something with your dog please make sure
You reach out to other members
For help, we all want successful dogs for testing and hunting!
Don’t forget to go to the store to order your birds and if camping pay for your camping there.
See you this weekend!
Melody Sweet