Happy March Florida Palmetto Chapter!

Mark your calendars March 18 and 19 is training one weekend prior to the test at QHF. Saturday the 18th the focus will be on Natural Ability and no gunning available. Sunday the focus will be on Utility training with gunning available. Everyone is welcome to come train, but assistance will be provided first to those testing the following weekend, but everyone is welcome and more training the better!

Test weekend is March 25 and 26, our test is full with one on the wait list currently. We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s hard work pay off!
April 15 will be the Snake Avoidance Clinic at QHF. The event can be purchased in the store. Reserve now, it fills up quickly.

Lots of great hunting stories and pictures from our chapter members! Thank you for all that you share and do! We look forward to many more!

Hutn ‘em up.