Hello Palmetto chapter!

The chapter will be training at QHF Feb 11 weekend see you there 7:30AM. Looking forward to seeing the progress in all the pups from your hard work!

We will have a March training the weekend prior to the test weekend at QHF. Test weekend is March 25 and 26, we currently have 2 full days filled and taking waiting list entries now. To enter go to Florida Palmetto Chapter website and in the store purchase the test desired. Remember it is important to always get on the waiting list if you want to test because changes can occur right up to the day before sometimes and not being on the waiting list, well you certainly won’t be able to test, but if you are on the waiting list, you just might be able to! If you would like to volunteer test weekend please let Melody Sweet or Adam Blair know, to host these events requires volunteers.

We will be hosting a snake avoidance clinic at QHF April 15th.

Florida Palmetto Chapter will be hosting it’s first Canine First Aide Course June 10th.

Purchases for any of the above events will be in the store soon.

Look forward to seeing you at the above events to help you and your hunting dog achieve your goals!

Hunt ‘em up!