Hi NAVHDA Family!

The May 4th and 5th training location has moved from SS&J to GMHT. My apologies for needing to change, but due to currently SS&J is now closed for the season and without birds we needed to change.

Looking forward to seeing all of you!

We will be training in the “A” field. Please potty your dog in the turn out pen behind the tractor shed to help reduce utilization of the fields for morning potty vs training. Also we have field “A” rented and not “B”. Please, chapter members need to be on the “A” field. As GMHT associate members will be utilizing “B”.

Couple of housekeeping items: please do not throw your shot birds into the bushes. You should be bringing them off the field. Please place all orders for birds and camping with the online store as we want to all be training not keeping track of cash. Thank you for your attention to both.

We will hold our group meeting at 7:30 Saturday morning.

See you all then!



Visit: www.floridapalmettonavhda.org for more information